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At Reading Garage, we provide a wide range of repairs and services for all makes and models of vans, cars and light commercial vehicles. Our repairs include, but are not limited to, engine diagnostics and repairs, exhausts, air conditioning, brakes and brake fluid, clutches, wheel alignment, radiators, tyres and more. If you’d like to book any repairs or maintenance you can do so online or get in touch. If there’s something you need to be done that isn’t listed on our online booking tool, we can still almost certainly do it, so leave us some details or give us a call to ask.

Vehicle Servicing in Reading

Regular services and maintenance help your car run efficiently and safely all year round. Without a service, oil becomes thicker, lubrication is reduced causing the engine to wear. Fuel doesn’t flow freely through clogged filters and fuel efficiency will suffer and exhaust fumes will become more noxious. Getting a regular service can help keep your car running smoothly and save you money in the long run. At Reading Garage, we service your vehicle to manufacturer’s specifications as well as tailoring our workmanship to your vehicle. We help keep your car reliable whilst ensuring any warranty you have remains valid. If repairs are required, we use quality parts and lubricants that are original equipment or equivalent for a more efficient drive and longer lasting vehicle. We provide interim (Bronze), full (Silver) and major (Gold) services for your car or van. We also offer collection and delivery and loan cars, if required.

Engine Repairs

If you’re experiencing issues with your engine, we can provide repairs and replacement parts to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly. No matter what the issue, we can help find a solution for your vehicle. Reading Garage is fully equipped with all the latest technology and equipment so we can solve most mechanical problems. If you’re experiencing problems but aren’t sure what the problem is, we offer free visual health inspections. If we require further work, we’ll let you know along with a quote for the inspection work. Once we find out what the issue is, with your approval, we’ll get to work repairing your engine and ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly again.

Brake repairs and brake pads

Your brakes are an important component in keeping you safe on the roads. That’s why it’s important to regularly check your brakes including the brake pads, drums, discs and brake fluid to ensure everything is in working order. Brake pads can last anywhere between 25,000 miles and 60,000 miles depending on the way you use your vehicle. Driving in busy areas with lots of traffic can cause brakes to wear earlier than if you’re driving longer distances. Therefore, it’s difficult to determine exactly when they need replacing. It is recommended that when brake pads reach about 3 millimetres in depth, then they need to be replaced. We can help you determine when your brakes need to be repaired and parts need to be replaced so you can stay safe on the roads. If you’ve noticed a decrease in efficiency, any strange noises or juddering when applying the brakes, it could be a sign that you need repairs. Getting minor repairs sorted now can help save you expensive major damage in the future. Get in touch for break repairs today.

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Brake fluid refill and replacements

Your brake fluid is an important driver in ensuring your brakes are working efficiently. Over time, your brake fluid absorbs moisture through pipes, hoses and joints. As the water levels within the fluid increases, the boiling temperature decreases which can cause a negative impact on your brakes efficiency. Changing your brake fluid by manufacturer recommendations can help keep your brake fluid at safer levels. At Reading Garage, our team can help to determine the right time to replace and change your brake fluid so that your vehicle stays safe and runs at optimum performance.

Tyre fitting and tread inspections

We are now able to provide quality tyres for most makes and models at Reading Garage. We can supply and fit tyres at competitive prices, often with the same day turnaround. If you need new tyres and are looking for a reliable garage to fit them, we can help. It’s important to regularly check your tyre tread on your vehicle as it can not only affect your MOT test but also impact your safety too. A decrease in tyre tread can affect stopping distances and the way your vehicle handles corners. It also affects the grip on the road during adverse weather conditions, all affecting the safety of your vehicle. The lower the tread depth, the more at risk you can become. The legal minimum tread depth for your tyres is 1.6mm but stopping distances increase dramatically at below 3mm. That’s why it is recommended to regularly inspect your tread depth to ensure you and your family are safe. At Reading Garage, we can provide tyre tread inspections and tyre replacements if you’re tread is reaching low levels. Our team will also check your tyre pressure and any damage to ensure that your vehicle handles at its best.

Laser wheel alignment

If you’ve noticed that your tyre tread is wearing unevenly, or your vehicle pulls to one side, it could mean that you need wheel alignment. Any small knock on a curb or pothole can cause an impact on your wheel’s alignment. Your wheels are set to certain angles to enhance the performance of your vehicle. These angles are called toe, camber and castor and set the tyres in relation to the wheel’s axis. If these become out of line, then it can cause your vehicle to behave differently. It also means that your tyres can wear unevenly, causing a need for replacement earlier than normal and you more expense. Our garage is equipped with the latest technology in laser wheel alignment ensuring accurate, efficient alignment of your vehicle. Your vehicle is connected to our equipment, which pinpoints the exact angles that your wheels should be at. If any angle is out of line, we’ll ensure that it is adjusted back to where the targets are, for a better and safer drive.

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