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Air Conditioning re-gas, repairs and servicing in Reading

When your air conditioning needs a service, re-gas or repair, our team at Reading Garage are on hand to help. We cater for customers in the Berkshire area providing quality air conditioning repairs and services for your car. If you need a simple re-gas or repair, get in touch and we’ll help get your air conditioning working efficiently in no time.

Your car’s air conditioning

Whilst your air conditioning helps to keep you cool during the summer months, it also helps to filter out any pollen, pollutants and bacteria within your vehicle. In addition to this, the dry air helps to demist windscreens in the winter too. Most modern cars have an air conditioning system, but as it’s not included in a normal service, it can often go neglected. Bigger problems can be costly to repairs. Therefore, it’s important to keep your air conditioning maintained and running efficiently all year round.

Air conditioning repairs and servicing

Most manufacturers recommend getting an air conditioning service every two years in order to ensure the system stays reliable and that all components are in working order. Your handbook gives you specific details on when you will need to get a car air conditioning service. Your air conditioning system requires a refrigerant gas and lubrication to ensure all the parts work efficiently to produce cold, dry air. Every year, your vehicle will lose about 10% of its refrigerant gas through the vents and joints. When this gas becomes low, it can cause excess strain and damage to the system which can be expensive to repair. Regularly ensuring the gas is refilled and checking the system for any leaks, blockages or damage can help not only to keep the system working in the long run but also to save you money.

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What does a service include?

At Reading Garage, we provide anything from a simple re-gas to quality and comprehensive servicing of your vehicle. It’s not included in a regular service, so it’s important to keep on top of your air conditioning service schedule. Our team will check the system to leaks and blockages, provide an antibacterial solution to clean out the system and refill or replace the refrigerant gas to ensure it works efficiently. If any additional repairs are required, we’ll get in touch and run it past you with an honest breakdown of repairs including an accurate quotation. With your approval, we can get to work and fix any repairs, often on the same day.

Signs to look out for

If you’re not sure whether your air conditioning will need repairs, there are certain signs you can look out for. If the air coming out of your air conditioning takes a while to cool down, or isn’t running cold then it could be a sign that you’re low on gas or there’s a leak within the system. In addition to this, foul smells, hissing sounds or puddles of water could signal that repairs are required, and an antibacterial solution is needed.

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If you would like an air conditioning re-gas or service, you can book online 24 hours or contact us during opening hours. We provide fast, affordable, efficient services for your air conditioning to ensure you have a pleasant temperature all year round.

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